3rd Annual International Conference on Youth and Interfaith Communication

"Youth Building a Common Future through Interfaith Dialogue and Mutual Understanding"  

 "Silence may not kill, but dialogue definitely heals. Dialogue opens minds and the human touch opens hearts"

Conference Theme:

"Youth Building a Common Future through Interfaith Dialogue and Mutual Understanding" will engage participants in a dynamic experience of faith development as well as challenge them to positively respond to the universal call to holiness. Our world today more than ever before is faced with the challenge of overcoming the "faith divide" and the global citizenship divide in order to build the bridge of all bridges, the interreligious and international bridge that connects all humanity to God. The conference will create and promote interfaith collaboration and build bridges of trust, friendship and partnership among religiously diverse youth and provide a platform for local, national, regional and international collaboration.

The conference and workshops will be practical -- rich with inspiration, international experience, and how-to, face-to-face workshops. The 100 youth interfaith participants will return home stronger with new partners and modern tools of communication for your homes, schools, and neighborhoods -- to heal cities, Nigera, Africa, all humankind. See graphical details of this at The 2010 Interfaith Conference Website

Sunrise into evening, we will practice a new quality of listening-to-learn, to heal and create a new life among diverse youth-leader of Nigeria and Africa. We will discover that "an enemy is one whose story we have not heard."