3rd Annual International Conference on Youth and Interfaith Communication

"Youth Building a Common Future through Interfaith Dialogue and Mutual Understanding"  


We thank you most sincerely for choosing to support and contribute to the work of New Era Educational and Charitable Support Foundation (NEEDCSI), an international registered non-profit charitable organization committed to offering inclusive and holistic paradigms of education that prioritize experiential learning, cross- cultural dialogue, and a global ethic of peace and social justice.  The Organization actively addresses and works on the issues of education, peace and conflict mediation, health and capacity building and leadership development among the youth in Africa. Your charitable donations and support, when combined with those of others will make a huge positive difference in the lives of thousands of young people, children and women in Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Liberia, Togo, Uganda and other nations of Africa. Our projects are already touching and changing many lives in these countries. New Era Educational and Charitable Support Foundation operates in the USA as a project of United Charitable Programs (UCP), a registered 501(c)3 Public Charity - Tax ID# 20-4286082,and will provide you a tax receipt for your donations as provided by Law. We are also officially registered with the Nigeria Corporate Affairs Commission, as New Era Educational and Charitable Support Initiative (CAC/IT/No24571).

We are seeking Supporters and Sponsors who will commit their resources to helping us help the children of Africa. The way New Era Educational and Charitable Support Foundation raises funds is just as important as how we spend it.  Nearly all our funding comes from highly committed individuals like yourself who direct their financial resources to providing resources and support to making a positive difference in their lives of others. Those who give their money to New Era Educational and Charitable Support Foundation do not see themselves as donors, but as investors, as stakeholders, standing in full partnership with young people in achieving a future where we can live in harmony with one another.

What does it take to become a Supporter or Sponsor?  It is very simple.  If you are in the financial position to help, decide on a set amount to give each month.  Any amount will help.  We suggest ten dollars ($10.00) or more each month.  We can send you envelopes each month to remind you of your pledge or you may give a one time donation and ask us to divide the amount in twelve equal installments. 

Donations by Check
To send us donations by Check, kindly mail the Cheque and addressed to:

New Era Educational and Charitable Support Foundation
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